Community Outreach Programs
Health Fair
Fondation Bienfaisance hosted a
health fair and medical consultation
day.  Physicians, residents and
nurses of other hospitals and
schools helped  toward the success
of this most important event for the
Fondation Bienfaisance also
organized a clothing, baby
supplies, children clothing
distribution supervised by Karen
Lewis, Senior Registrar at Le
Cordon Bleu Culinary College in
Miramar, Florida, who traveled
to Port-au-Prince to witness for
herself the level of destitution
and poverty of the area
populations and assess the
immediate needs.
Fondation Bienfaisance also
presented a seminar for nurses and
other health workers.  The guest
speaker was Carol Hylton, nursing
instructor at the Broward Community
College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Food for the day was provided by the
Rice Smile Ministry. Pierre Perpignant,
Executive Director, donated couple of
bags of rice and cases of canned fish.   

All seminar participants, physicians,
nurses, health workers and staff were
served a warm meal.  The rest of the
uncooked food was distributed to the
population. Staff of the foundation
posing for this picture with  bags of
rice and cases of canned fish donated
by the Rice Smile Ministry.
Though resources are scare and limited, we are satisfied that we are able to make a dent and a difference in the
lives of less fortunate.  The picture of that little girl took our breath away; the expression on her face makes all of
the effort worthwhile.   
You can help other girls like her when you donate to project:
OPTION: Offering a Promise of Triumph over
Intense and Overwhelming Needs.

About fifty nurses and other health workers attended the seminar. Nurses and nurses in training represent our
most valuable resources and constitute our front line in the promotion and delivery of care.  You can help the
nurses and other health workers when you donate to project: