Community Activities
Health Fairs
FBInc hosts health fairs and
medical consultation days.  
Mobile Clinics
FBInc takes the fight against
HIV/AIDS and the message of
health to the countryside. The
Caravan of Health, our mobile
clinic although archaic, gets
the job done and the word
Distribution of Donated Items
FBInc organizes clothing,
baby supplies, children
clothing distribution.  
Soccer Tournaments
Social projects and programs  
constitute one sure way to
keep the youth of these poor
neighborhoods involved in
positive activities.  
Food Distribution
Donated food is distributed to
the population.
Alternative Diet
FBInc promotes good diet and
alternative nutrition. Mr. Alix
Douyon presents
Networking with Local
Baillergeau is one of the
districts aimed by the project
GRET-HAITI and very close to
Centre Medical Campeche
Collaborative Agreement
with Local Agencies:
Fight Againts HIV/AIDS
The HIV Screening Center is
financed and operated by the
Centre pour la Promotion de
la Democratie et de
l'Education Participative
Seminars & Conferences
in Haiti
FBInc presents seminars for
nurses and other health
Observership in The USA
FBInc. sponsors staff
physicians to attend
observership in the United
Educational Opportunities
and Training in the United
States of America
FBInc sponsors staff
physicians to attend
educational opportunities and
trainings in the United States.
Children Summer Camps
FBINC sponsors summer
camps for children.
Collaborative Agreement
with the Haitian Government:
Fight Against Tuberculosis
The Public Health Ministry in
collaboration with Fondation
Bienfaisance and the
International Child Care
established a Tuberculosis
Screening Clinic at Campeche.