Fondation Bienfaisance
Centre Medical Gabriel Vital
Martissant 7,  3eme Rue Manigat # 24   
Port-au-Prince, Haiti   
(509) 3761-5753
Fondation Bienfaisance has a long history of
nvolvement and intervention in Haiti. Between
2003 and 2010, Fondation Bienfaisance managed
two clinics:
Campeche,  and Martissant and ran
many medical, social and community
programs and activities in many shantytowns
around the country.

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake,
Campeche was seriously damaged and
subsequently evacuated.  Martissant is in working

The leadership is in the process of restructuring
the organization and is looking for partners for
future interventions, programs and projects
Today, Fondation Bienfaisance is a local
non-government agency (NGO) approved and
licensed by the Haitian government to work in Haiti.  

Its headquarters are located at Centre Medical
Gabriel Vital in Martissant 7, 3eme Rue Manigat #24,
in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Fondation Bienfaisance has recently
renovated the
clinic in
Martissant 7. From this location we have
launched our new medical program: a
materno-enfantil (Mother & Child) project to serve
the population of Martissant.

In collaboration with the Minstère de la Santé
Publique et de la Population, Fondation Bienfaisance,
Clinic Medical Gabriel Vital  has started the pilot
project last June.